Certainly some of the biggest hi-lites have come from tuning at various jazz festivals throughout the

Caribbean including St. Lucia (every year since it began in 1992), Anguilla, Bermuda & Grand Cayman

Island. My association with the jazz festival production arm of Black Entertainment Television (BET)

has afforded me the opportunity to work with some great artists and experience many fine, live



One particularly memorable occasion was in April of 2003 when I was flown to Bermuda to tune for

Jose Carreras’ pianist for his one-night-only solo performance. What a voice!


Tuning for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra for the last 12 years has also been a thrill. Sometimes

a pianist doesn’t request anything different but I find the challenge of working with a pianist to help

him/her create the shadings of sound, touch and feel from the piano he/she is looking for, to be

very rewarding.


In large part, due to the sheer number of hours and tunings that I logged, tuning for the entire

Honens International Piano Competition in October/November 2009, on behalf of Steinway &

Sons, was very memorable. For three and a half weeks, I looked after both 9’ Steinway competition

pianos from the moment they were delivered to the Rosza Centre until they left the Jack Singer

Concert Hall. What a diverse group of pianists and music.  Providing the 9' FAZIOLI and tuning it 

for 2015 Honens Laureate, Luca Buratto was also a thrill.


I have volunteered to serve as President, Vice-President & Secretary of the Calgary Chapter of

the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) – an organization dedicated to promoting the highest possible

standards of piano service, technical training and professional development.

I teach “technicals” or classes on different topics not only here in Calgary for our local Chapter but also at

annual PTG National Conventions. It’s so important to stay active within the technical community for

an ongoing exchange of ideas and to keep current on industry happenings.


Some of my favourite organizations I support either

through the donation of piano tunings or my time,

include The Calgary Performing Arts Festival (formerly the 

Kiwanis Music Festival, the Calgary Concerto Competition (C3)

and the MountainView Festival Chamber Music Series. Please,

check them out!