Hand Made in Braunschweig, Germany

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Clara Schumann lived in Frankfurt and visited the shop of our seller in Frankfurt one day. He asked her to sit at the newly arrived Grotrian grand piano. She rejected first with a comment that she played only Erard-grand-piano. The seller nodded politely, but dragged a piano stool towards her and quietly opened the cover. The pianist took a glove off and moved one hand laxly through the clavier. Then she sat down, took the other glove off and began to play passionately. Afterwards she stood up and declared shortly and briefly: “From now on I play only on Grotrian grand piano.”

College 49" Upright

Hand-Made in Germany Pianos in music schools, conservatories, studios and on rehearsal stages are often subjected to excessively robust treatment. But nothing can upset the College. It was especially developed to cope with highly demanding environments. So despite heavy usage, its response speed is preserved and the outstanding tonal properties remain brilliant.