​​From the country where the piano was originally invented, Paolo Fazioli has completely re-invented this instrument. 

In a short time Fazioli has become a legend. The individually hand-crafted Fazioli pianos are garnering attention the world-over for its crystal-clear sound. It is a favorite of many of the world’s greatest pianists including Herbie Hancock, Angela Hewitt, Louie Lortie, Nikolai Demidenko among others.


Hand Made in Italy


​​C. Bechstein upright and grand pianos are individual, masterfully shaped gems. Luxury in every detail. Aesthetics and pain-staking details have always played a significant role with C. Bechstein. C.Bechstein is considered one of the world's top piano manufacturers that enjoy worldwide admiration by demanding musicians and piano lovers, seeking the best tools for the precious hours at the upright or on the grand piano. C. Bechstein grand pianos are placed on concert stages, in academies and in private homes. Simply wherever good music is made.


Hand Made in Germany


W. H O F F M A N N                                                                                    by:        

For the first time in Calgary, the European W. Hoffmann pianos, designed and built by C. Bechstein, are available!
These pianos provide an affordable, world-class, hand-made alternative to mass-produced Asian pianos.


Experience the warm, full sound not previously available at this price-point. European standards guarantee perfect piano playing with the finest capability for nuance, effortless repetition and pleasant sound quality. All the components are specified by the experienced piano makers and master craftsmen of the C. Bechstein Europe manufactory. The warrantors, C. Bechstein Europe are responsible for the whole process of manufacturing and strict quality controls.



Made in Czech Rep. & Germany


"Lads, build good pianos and the rest will take care of itself", Wilhelm Grotrian once said to his sons Kurt and Willi and thereby phrased one of the most important mottos for the GROTRIAN company. When you listen to the sound of a GROTRIAN you will notice that there is much more behind it: a love for music. 


The Grotrian is a well-known brand and highly respected throughout Europe.  Each successive generation of the Grotrian family has maintained high standards and furthered technical developments.
Unlike many others, Grotrian has committed itself to building entirely in Germany, a very limited number of the highest-quality pianos. The tone is refined and sophisticated, immediately appealing and quite unique.  Even inexperienced pianists will be impressed by the bell-like singing tone, the clarity and depth of harmonics.



Hand Made in Germany


Hand Made in Germany


Blüthner is one of the most famous of the European pianos and even today is entirely German made. Blüthner was the piano of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich and Debussy; many of the 150,000 Blüthners are played by well-known musicians. Today it is chosen by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has 12 Blüthners! It was the studio piano for the Beatles’ recordings and was the official piano of Expo Shanghai. It is in many opera houses around the world including La Scala and Covent Garden. Blüthner is especially noted for it’s sustained rich tone and unique fourth string known as the Aliquot scale.