Used & Consignment Pianos

Used pianos are a great option for many people. The problem when buying a used piano privately, is that it is very difficult to know exactly what you are getting. The internet is full of these pianos. These pianos range from the $500 - FREE, please come take my piano away ads, to those who think that because their piano is 100+ yrs old, that it is worth a lot of money. How was the piano looked after? Who was the manufacturer? How often was it tuned? Was it exposed to large fluctuations in temperature and/or humidity? These can be largely unknown variables that literally make it impossible to know what kind of condition the piano is really in.


If an opportunity becomes available to purchase a used piano from a private seller, you can book one of our technicians to do an evaluation of the piano before you make your purchase. Call our office for details.


Better yet!... Michael Lipnicki Fine Pianos has a revolving inventory of used and consignment pianos. These pianos have been evaluated before they ever arrive at our showroom. Once these pianos are on our sales floor they have had any required work done to them to insure that they are a proper, playable musical instrument. If there is additional work that could be done to further enhance the piano's feel or sound, we would be happy to provide you with the costs of doing that work.


While we will do our best to keep our used and consignment inventory up to date, please call the store prior to coming in to see a specific piano, so as to not be disappointed that it is no longer here.

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Steinway Model D 9' Concert Grand

An instrument for the serious pianist or recital venue, this full-sized concert grand will fill any room with it's rich and full sound. Priced at $110,000. Compare at $205,000, brand new. Full concert voicing in the venue included with purchase - a $3,000 value.